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January 08, 2020

Pinkeye in Children

A reminder to parents to please follow our sick child policy particularly with regards to pinkeye which is very common this time of year and is extremely contagious.

What are the symptoms?
Children with pinkeye will complain of a scratchy feeling in their eyes. There may be lots of tearing and the whites of the eyes are pink or red. The eyelid may also be slightly swollen. Pus or discharge from the eyes can make the eyelids sticky during sleep, and can collect in the corners of the eyes when awake.

Pinkeye Daycare Procedures
If teachers notice that a child has red eyes, their parents will be contacted immediately. The child should be taken to the doctor for treatment. They can return to daycare with the medication and teachers will administer it accordion to doctor's instructions. If the child has red eyes and the doctor does not prescribe medication, a doctor's note saying that the child can attend daycare is required.