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April 30, 2019

Discovery Point Sick Child Policy

If a child should become ill while at the Centre, the staff member present will:

• Immediately tend to the child’s needs

• Check the child’s temperature to see if there is a fever.

• If necessary, the child will be isolated from the other children, a bed may need to be put in the office, and a staff member, Supervisor or Director will remain with the child.

The parent will be notified to pick the child up. If the parent cannot be reached an emergency contact will be called. Children who have had a fever, diarrhea or an uncomfortable night must be kept home the following day. Children cannot attend the centre if illness prevents their ability to participate in regular daily routines or if attendance could be harmful to themselves or others. 

A child can return to the Centre after 24hours symptom free!

Families will be advised to keep the child at home, make alternative care arrangements and seek medical attention for the following conditions:

• Unexplained or undiagnosed pain

• Acute cold with fever, runny nose and eyes, coughing and sore throat

• Difficulty with breathing

• Fever over 38 degrees centigrade accompanied by general symptoms such as listlessness

• Sore throat and difficulty swallowing

• Undiagnosed skin or eye rash including pinkeye

• Headache and stiff neck

• Unexplained diarrhea or loose stool combined with vomiting and abdominal cramps

• Severe itching of body and scalp

• Known or suspected communicable diseases
When a child is diagnosed with a communicable disease (e.g., chicken pox) the child care program will advise the local public health unit and the families of other children in the program.