We value the feedback from the parents of the children we care for each day! Providing a safe, happy and nurturing 'home away from home' to children is our number one priority. We welcome you to read some reviews and testimonials we received from parents:

"I wanted to say thank you to the teachers for being amazing with my daughter. I asked her yesterday who her friends were in school and she said her teachers – Gama, Yana and Ms. Emily! I asked her who her favourite teacher is, she said Ina! My daughter really feels her friends in daycare are her teachers which just shows how much she loves her teachers and her environment. I know I don’t say it enough but I feel soooo comfortable when I come to work, I don’t have even one worry in my mind as I know she is being well taken care of.

The teachers do a great job in filling up the daily report, I love reading through it and seeing what she did. As a working mom, I have guilt on a daily basis how I am not spending time with the kids but when I get that report I can see what she ate, when she went to the bathroom, when she slept and what she learned (which is my fav section). I love seeing all the fun and academic things my daugheter does and when the teachers send me a sample home (like the squiggly lines yesterday), I almost tear up! Thank you for keeping me informed, loving my daughter and taking care of her so well.

Hats off to all of you for running an amazing centre." – G.S.

Online Reviews

"5***** – Absolutely excellent daycare in Vaughan. Great management and staff! Facility is very clean and organized. Everyone there is very caring and loving. They take care of the children like it's their own kids. We would strongly recommend this daycare." – K.T.

"5***** – Professional Extremely Amazing Day Care. When I leave my child with Discovery Point Nursery I do not need to think about my child, look back or be worried because staff at this daycare are very nice and they do take care of the children as if it is their own. Very clean place, nice fresh daily food and also have their own cook at the day care. Professional, caring and responsible day care. I can recommend this day care to anyone and you won't be disappointed." – O.I.

"5***** - Absolutely amazing daycare! The staff is very professional and at the same time very personable. The team provides a wide variety of educational programs on a daily basis. Very warm and loving environment for kids and parents. I am incredibly happy with the daycare and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to others." - N.G.

"5***** - Discovery Point daycare is my son's second home! Staff and management are like family in their care and passion. Meals are prepared and cooked fresh daily in the clean kitchen. Highly recommended for sure!" - H.K.