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Tips on How to Deal with Sibling Fights

Sibling Fights


Are you often coming between siblings fights? Preventing sibling fighting is an ongoing process, and it requires patience and consistency. Keep in mind that siblings will argue and fight from time to time, but with a little effort, you can help them learn to get along better. Here are some suggestions to help:

  1. Set clear rules and boundaries: Establish clear rules and boundaries for your children and make sure they understand them. For example, no hitting, no name-calling, and no taking each other’s toys without permission.

  2. Encourage communication: Encourage your children to talk to each other and express their feelings. Teach them how to express themselves calmly and respectfully.

  3. Teach problem-solving skills: Teach your children how to solve problems on their own by brainstorming solutions together. This will help them learn to work together to find a solution that works for everyone.

  4. Encourage shared activities: Encourage your children to engage in shared activities, such as playing a game or doing a craft together. This can help them build positive memories and develop a sense of teamwork.

  5. Praise positive behaviour: Praise your children when they get along and play well together. Positive reinforcement can encourage good behaviour and help prevent fighting.

  6. Model good behaviour: Be a good role model for your children by modelling good behaviour yourself. Show them how to communicate calmly and respectfully, and how to work through conflicts without fighting.

  7. Use positive language: Use positive language when speaking to your children. For example, instead of saying “stop fighting,” say “let’s work together to find a solution.”

  8. Avoid comparisons: Avoid comparing your children to each other. Comparisons can create resentment and jealousy, which can lead to fighting.

Remember that humour can also diffuse tense situations and lighten the mood. For example, you might make a silly face or tell a joke to distract your children from their argument. When your children do fight, it’s also important to stay calm and not overreact. Take a deep breath and try to mediate the conflict calmly and objectively.


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