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Discovery Point Exceeds Public Health Guidelines

Discovery Point Exceeds Public Health Guidelines

We Passed with Flying Colours!

With the re-opening of daycare and the introduction of new health and safety procedures, we received a health inspection from York Region Public Health. The inspector noted that we are “one step ahead of everything” and our centre passed with excellent results on all the requirements of the inspection.

At Discovery Point Nursery and Academy, a licensed daycare in Woodbridge, Ontario, we go above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of all our children and staff!

To date we have had no cases of COVID-19 in our daycare, we strictly follow all safety and health policies and procedures, and now have online forms for parents to assess their children for any illness symptoms daily before they enter the daycare. We monitor these and do our very best to ensure all children, staff and families stay as safe as possible.

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