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Daycare Tips for Keeping Organized at Home

There are a few things teachers at daycare encourage in even the youngest children to put away their things when they’re done using them. Here are some tips from daycare: 1. Create a place for everythingWhile it seems like it would be easier for children to put away their toys if they simply had to dump everything into a

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6 Things You Can Let Your Toddler Do

Whether that’s getting dirty, indulging in the opportunity to say no, or wearing mismatched shoes to the park, there really are some things you can just let your toddler do.

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Shy Child

How to Support a Shy Child

It’s completely natural for a child to feel shy, to shy away from meeting new people, or to feel more comfortable watching from the sidelines. However, there are ways you can support your child.

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Child Potty Training

Potty Training Basics

Teaching a tiny human to know their body’s cues and make it to the toilet in time is a daunting task (especially if kindergarten looms large!). Here are some basics. 

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