Our Programs

Each of our classrooms is set up for success, providing a physical environment and warm atmosphere, where families are always welcome and encouraged to be a part of their child’s experience, and where trained professionals help to engage, entertain and encourage a happy and healthy learning outcome.

Infants: 2 months – 18 months

Our bright and cheerful infant room is licensed to facilitate 10 babies, with a flexible schedule to meet every child’s needs. Our low adult – child ratio (1 teacher to 3 infants) allows each baby to be showered with lots of love, as our friendly and responsive caregivers enjoy plenty of cuddle time. Using developmentally age appropriate toys and activities, we engage our infants in the many sights and sounds that stimulate and encourage healthy child development. Parents are provided with detailed information of their baby at the end of every day, and are encouraged to participate in and share any ideas and suggestions that they may have.

Toddlers: 18 months – 30 months

Our vibrant and lively toddler room is licensed to facilitate 15 children and offers a well structured program, enabling the children to anticipate daily activities. Knowing what is going to happen next during the day gives the children a sense of control and security. Our adult to child ratio (1 teacher to 5 toddlers) creates a well supervised and close knit classroom, creating security and a sense of well being for every child. Our toddlers learn the basics of social interaction with peers and adults alike, and are introduced to the concept of shapes and colours. Close attention is paid to the development of speech and language, as well as the over-all development and progress of each child. Our toddler room is filled with exciting and fascinating activities that enhance all areas of child development. This is the age where our little tots are becoming toilet trained, which is an important part of our daily routine. Working in partnership with the families, our toddler team makes this process stress-free and fun.

Preschool: 30 months – 5 years

Our playful and productive preschool room is licensed to facilitate 15 children and offers a program full of rewarding learning opportunities. Our adult to child ratio (1 teacher to 8 preschoolers) caters for an effective and encouraging learning environment. Our preschool curriculum emphasizes active learning, in which the children engage in activities that involve decision making and problem solving through play and imagination. The program is designed to promote strong reading and writing skills, and various math concepts such as counting and problem solving. Our preschool team works hard to instill strong social skills and give positive reinforcement to encourage a child’s self-esteem. We invite feedback and would love the families to be a part of their little children’s road to success.

Extra Curriculum

  • Enriched Academics
  • Fun Fit with Tim
  • Music
  • Art with Stephanie
  • French
  • Extra curricular languages available upon request (Russian, Italian, etc.)

We offer:

  • Full Time Programs
  • Weekend program coming soon
  • Occupational Therapy available for an additional fee upon request
  • Speech Therapy available for an additional fee upon request
  • Summer camp subject to availability

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