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Tips to Help Parents Cope During the Pandemic

Tips to Help Parents Cope During the Pandemic

Whether you have an infant, toddler or preschool age child, raising a family isn’t easy and the demands of everyday parenting can sometimes seem overwhelming. Add the coronavirus pandemic to the picture, and stress levels are certain to rise. 

The Annie E. Casey Foundation created a resource for young parents. The one-page document, called Tips for Young Parents highlights five ways that caregivers can reduce stress during this challenging time.

The five areas of focus are:

  • Establish a routine;
  • Practice self-care;
  • Use story time to entertain, teach and engage young minds;
  • Plan a virtual play date; and
  • Be physically active.

Tammi Fleming, senior associate with Casey Foundation says “These unprecedented times call for new and creative ways to support young parents and children, and our hope is that these tips help parents feel less stressed while restoring some semblance of normalcy for their young families.”

Click here to view and download Tips for Young Parents sheet.


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